About us

While computers, mobile phones, cars and even the way we drink coffee is changing with rapid pace, cooking has stayed almost the same for the past few centuries. We still use the same cookware and we blindly follow cooking methods passed down to us for generations, without knowing why and how they work.

We strongly believe that cooking should, now more than ever, be easier, more fun and the food we make, tastier.

IRONATE aims to bring cooking closer to people through challenging dogmas and using scientific approach to age old problems.

We design cookware that will help you reinvent your cooking.

Who are we?

IRONATE.com is run by:

IRONATE d.o.o. 
Gabrsko 12
1420 Trbovlje
Slovenia, EU
E-mail: pizza@ironate.com 

Company registration number: 7174314000 
VAT ID: SI43541534

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Want to join our team?

We currently don't have open positions, but we are always on lookout for great talent. If you would like to join IRONATE, please use the contact form to contact us and let us know what you want to become a part of our team.



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